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Tamara Land


Mr Pek Teng Beng is the current Chairman of Tamara Land also having founded the Tamara Group conglomerate in 1968. Mr Pek Teng Beng’s financial sector background and proven business skills saw the group expanding into multiple sectors during a 47-year span, including the property sector in 1990 through Tamara Land. His professionalism and esteemed reputation as a businessman also earned him the position of Honorable Advisor for the China-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce.

Leading Legacy

Tamara Land’s journey to becoming the core business and engine of growth for the broader Tamara Group conglomerate highlights the role of Mr Pek Teng Beng, his vision and philosophy of which underlie the current business resilience and shrewd strategies that saw the conglomerate thrive, and later on, emerge stronger from a shaky financial state following a hard-hitting 1998 Asian financial crisis. Mr Pek Teng Beng previously established the embryo to Tamara Group’s diverse operations through the banking sector in 1968, a venture which he oversaw prospered into one of the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia. In 1990, Tamara Group carried out an expansion into the property sector through Tamara Land, which draws upon lessons learned from previous ventures to implement a prudent, sustainable approach to business that remains a cornerstone of the group’s present day strategy.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the financial sector, Mr Pek Teng Beng holds strong belief in professionalism and integrity as the attributes upon which a company can ensure its future success. Tamara Land as a later addition to Tamara Group’s business portfolio effectively practiced this under Mr Pek Teng Beng’s inspirational leadership as the philosophy became ingrained into the corporate culture as well as the main feature of Tamara Land in engaging both business partners and customers. Through this legacy, the property developer has fostered a reputation for excellence and credibility in combination with the vision set about by Mr Pek Teng Beng; in which Tamara Land seeks to establish itself among the top ten property developers for Indonesia’s middle to up segment.

Tamara Land

Commitment to Modernity

Tamara Land

Embarking on a mission to become a top ten property developer for the middle to upper market segment in Indonesia, Tamara Land consistently incorporates modernity as the universal theme throughout its projects. The company strives to stay ahead of the latest trends in architectural design and interior décor as a means of reflecting the aspirations of its clients through upscale living and office space. This commitment is delivered through the maximum comfort, convenience and efficiency made available for all Tamara Land clients; whether for corporate tenants at one of its state-of-the-art office buildings and industrial estates, or buyers of its diverse range of residential units. Such adherence to the concept of contemporary relevance has led to the development of high-value property such as the Tamara Center and the All Seasons Thamrin Hotel in Jakarta which are strategically located, elegantly designed and fully equipped to accommodate the activities of their respective users.

Tamara Land’s commitment to modernity also delves into customizing the amenities of each project to match the specific practicalities and functionalities sought after by its target market. The All Seasons Thamrin Hotel therefore features facilities such as meeting rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi connection and audio visual equipment for use in seminars, corporate trainings and organizational gatherings to complement its location in Indonesia’s most prominent business district. This hotel also offers the unique SkyLoft Restaurant & Bar overlooking the Jakarta skyline to facilitate the more informal rendezvous. The Tamara Center, on the other hand, enhances its tenants’ satisfaction through a different approach. In addition to a professional building management team and extensive facilities, details such as higher ceiling heights provide a more spacious environment while greater window sizes help reduce the building’s energy consumption with the aid of natural light; also reflecting Tamara Land’s professed mission to support environmental sustainability.

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Tamara Land

Milestones & Achievements

  • 1992

    Tamara Land completes the construction of the Tamara Center - an iconic office tower located in the heart of Jakarta's most prominent business district

  • 1990

    Tamara Land founded in 1990 by Mr Pek Teng Beng