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Mr Bamunas Setiawan Boediman, MBA has been the President Director of Grage Group and its subsidiaries since 1993. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Management from Chaminade University of Honolulu and an MBA degree in Human Resources from Hawaii Pacific University.

Socially Responsible

Grage Group demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by frequently engaging in society-based events in order to support the prosperity of surrounding communities. Having achieved numerous successes since its establishment in 1996, Grage Group remains grounded in its dedication to the development and welfare of its commercial heartland of Cirebon. Maintaining its long-term sustainability efforts, Grage Group places special emphasis on community engagement for forging strong links between the company and community members. Previous CSR programmes by Grage Group include break fasting events, tree planting, community service, public facility development as well as commemoration and tribute ceremonies with various groups in attendance including orphans and the Indonesian Armed Forces. These events illustrate Grage Group’s unwavering commitment to play a key role in supporting disadvantaged groups and sharing their success with their local community.

As a responsible business, Grage Group acknowledges the importance of maintaining close ties with the community and government bodies as a means for developing sustainable property projects for the long-term. Utilising the local talent pool, Grage Group opens a door of labour opportunities with every property development project to enhance the welfare of the local community in harmony with every new venture.

Grage Group

Local Pride

Grage Group

Steeped in pride for its local heritage, Grage Group ensures that various components of Indonesia’s diverse culture are incorporated in the design concepts of the company’s range of residential and commercial properties. Grage Group’s adept human resources are well-versed in combining traditional and contemporary design elements giving new meaning to modern living. Supporting the redefinition of modern comfort are Grage Group’s leading professionals that are groomed in leadership qualities that have set the firm apart from other industry players. Active partnerships with local and international companies sustain Grage Group’s architects, contractors, and staff members’ level of skills and moving forward, the company seeks to engage in further cooperation.

Grage Group’s longstanding industry experience is in part due to the company’s flexibility in its property development projects. As a versatile company, Grage Group is also involved in media publications through its Grage Magazine which serves as an informative instrument for its residents and property guests. Grage Group’s inspiration in Indonesia’s rich local culture will remain an influential factor in the company’s competitive advantage in architecture, design, and hospitable guest services for property development ventures in the coming years.

Milestones & Achievements

  • 2015

    First Stone Laying ceremony for RSIA Grage City

  • 2014

    Grage Group acquires Grage Hotel Malang (formerly Grage Antariksa Hotel)

  • 2008

    Establishment of Grage Hotel Ramayana

  • 1998

    Grage Sangkan Hotel & Spa was founded

  • 1996

    Establishment of Grage Group

  • 1995

    Grage Hotel Yogyakarta officially opens

  • 1991

    Grage Hotel Bengkulu commences operations