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Grage Group | Grage Group and the Cirebon Government Hosts Event for Local Orphans

On 4th November 2014, Grage Group together with Cirebon’s local government hosted an event with 1,000 local orphans commemorating Ashura Day, a holy day in the Islamic calendar. Top level management from Grage Group present at the event included President Commissioner Mr H. Boediman Kusika and President Director Mr H. Bamunas S. Boediman alongside the Mayor of Cirebon, Mr H. Ano Sutrisno. The event which took place at Masjid Hijau Grage City Mall stands as one of the many corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes that Grage Group initiates every year in Cirebon.

As part of the event, orphans from the Argasunya to Kesenden districts were provided with an educational platform to learn more about their religion while understanding the importance of remaining humble, all of which are values upheld by Grage Group. The commemoration programme also reflected the 645 years of progress by the city of Cirebon whereby Grage Group has played a prominent role in the secondary city’s infrastructure development.

Grage Group’s strong rapport with nearby communities in addition to local and regional governments is reflected through events such as the Ashura Day programme that the company and the Cirebon government plan to host together annually. As a keen supporter of CSR projects, Grage Group actively engages with surrounding communities understanding the importance of strong local ties.

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