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Grage Group | Grage Group’s Hotel Units See Rise in Profits

Leading property developer Grage Group experienced financial success despite Indonesia’s economic condition seeing an uptick in profits from its hotel properties. Grage Group’s eight hotel properties are spread throughout numerous cities including Cirebon, Kuningan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bengkulu, and Malang offering guest-friendly services and all-inclusive facilities. Tailored for the middle market segment, Grage Group’s hotel offers a wide-range of facilities in prime locations as part of the company’s expansion strategy.

According to President Director of Grage Group, Mr Bamunas Setiawan Boediman, the company’s hotel units saw a considerable rise in profit earnings since the beginning of 2015. Despite a regulation whereby civil servants are precluded from using hotels for business functions, Grage Group approached the obstacle as a gateway for innovative marketing strategies. Taking advantage of the company’s hotel property strategic locations, Grage Group successfully created a campaign highlighting the multi-functional use of its hotel units as business and leisure accommodations that has enabled the company to weather through the tough economic climate.

Grage Group’s recent financial performance and proficiency in navigating past obstacles in business operations are corporate strengths that have helped the company stay abreast of Indonesia’s lucrative hospitality industry.

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