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Grage Group | Commercial Property Development

Grage Group solidified its reputation as a prominent property developer with the construction of a number of landmark commercial properties in secondary cities including shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and hotels designed with touches of local heritage as well as serving as an answer for increasing demand for public facilities.

The company’s first commercial property venture, Grage Mall Cirebon, is an iconic venue standing as Cirebon’s foremost modern shopping mall in close proximity to residential properties while offering wide-ranging leisure facilities. The shopping mall was built significantly far ahead of its time and maintains its prominence in the secondary city today, backed by continued development in addition to new stores given the rising affluence of the Cirebon market. Complementing the successful completion of Grage Mall Cirebon, further commercial properties launched by Grage Group include Grage City Mall introducing visitors to the first 3-in-1 concept shopping mall in neighbouring distance to the company’s exclusive Grage City township development site.

Strategically located in one of West Java’s best-known tourist destinations and attractive coastal areas, Grage Mall Cirebon and Grage City Mall were meticulously designed by the company’s skilled architects and designers with a keen eye for aesthetics. As such, Grage Mall Cirebon has secured its position among the city’s landmark commercial venues with Grage City Mall also gaining in popularity since its grand opening in June 2014.

In keeping with growing demand for mid-range hotels in Indonesia, Grage Group has embarked on the construction of hotel units throughout numerous locations in Indonesia of immense potential as budding tourism destinations. Grage Group’s portfolio of hotels includes Grage Hotel Cirebon, Grage Sangkan Hotel & Spa, Grage Ramayana Yogyakarta, Wisma Grage Bandung, and Grage Hotel Malang providing guest-friendly hospitality services and comfort that is renowned throughout West Java. As an innovative developer of hotels in Indonesia’s secondary cities, Grage Group develops its hotel units for multi-purpose use in order to accommodate guests and visitors in search of business and leisure destinations.

Grage Group built its success as a commercial property developer with the availability of fully-serviced facilities in cities tipped for further growth in domestic and international tourism. As a local property developer proud of its heritage, Grage Group continues to strive forward in identifying new opportunities in line with Indonesia’s regional development through new concepts in commercial property development which instigate a multiplier effect across the local community.