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Tapping into the immense market potential of Indonesia’s secondary cities for tourism, Grage Group has built an impressive portfolio of hotel properties that is on-par with the country’s lucrative hospitality industry. With longstanding expertise as a developer of hotels, Grage Group attends to guests through the provision of unsurpassable services and facilities that have seen it take a competitive position in cities such as Cirebon, Malang, Bengkulu, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. Grage Group’s eight hotel properties are centrally located to in-demand tourist areas and public venues expanding upon the company’s trusted reputation as an experienced property developer.

Grage Group’s range of hotel properties caters to guests in search of unique local experiences, prime locations and a tranquil environment. As such, properties including the Grage Hotel Bengkulu, Sumatra present guests with scenic views and the Grage Sangkan Hotel & Spa in Kuningan, West Java makes available access to the region’s only 60% sodium content, natural hot springs demonstrating Grage Group’s ability to highlight elements which serve as distinct characteristics of its hotel properties. Staying abreast of Indonesia’s growing domestic tourism market, the property developer has tailored its hotels to include open spaces suitable for hosting large-scale events as a means of also catering to business functions and leisure activities.

Grage Group’s success in developing hotel properties in secondary cities boasting long-term potential illustrates the company’s ability to identify business opportunities that are primed for future growth. To remain well ahead of the lucrative hospitality industry, Grage Group will move forward with further developments of hotels and hospitality facilities in Indonesia’s fast emerging secondary cities and bring their signature characteristic of highlighting local heritage blended with modern amenities in each hotel development.