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The integrated Sima Izzara apartment complex in the South Jakarta area will also house the Sima Izzara office tower further proving Grage Group’s success as a property developer in remaining relevant to the growing market trends in high-rise building ownership. With the occupancy rate of Jakarta’s offices reaching 92.1% in June 2015 (Cushman & Wakefield), construction of office buildings in areas outside of the central business district such as the Sima Izzara office tower in TB Simatupang continue to be welcomed as businesses seek new locations outside of the saturated Golden Triangle area.

Grage Group’s comprehensive knowledge of the domestic property industry supports its role as a rising property developer known for superior customer satisfaction and giving added value to each project. As such, Grage Group’s Sima Izzara office tower will boast modern facilities and various dining venues catering to the upscale business executive. The company's group of architects design office spaces with elements of sophisticated style and complete amenities keeping in mind the long-term sustainability of its projects.

Working alongside a leading Japanese company for the completion of the Sima Izzara office tower, the developer continues to explore the latest innovations and opportunities in the industry. The Sima Izzara office tower is a reflection of Grage Group’s rising prominence in commercial property development which is poised to grow further in the future and presents lucrative opportunities for collaboration and investment.