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Grage Group | Property Development Opportunities

Attaining a proven track record for a wide-range of real estate and commercial properties that are well-known in the country, Grage Group has built a formidable standing as a local partner for international companies looking to invest in Indonesia’s property market. With strong credentials for proficient professionals, customer satisfaction, and solid infrastructure, Grage Group’s international reputation has seen the company be in demand for the construction of airports, cafes, horticultural land, and toll roads in cooperation with prominent business partners.

Grage Group’s longstanding expertise in the industry has enabled the company to accumulate a deep understanding of Indonesia’s property industry and market behaviour which serves to underpin the company’s success in retaining an edge over stiff competition. With a keen eye for business opportunities and pushing for innovation, Grage Group continues to spearhead numerous partnerships leading to its notoriety as a versatile property developer across Indonesia.

Looking to support its long-term sustainability and strive for improved technology transfer, Grage Group readily welcomes joint ventures with local and overseas companies in order to develop upon its already extensive set of capabilities. Grage Group’s proven adaptability as a property developer – evidenced by its range of completed ventures which include hotels, apartments, landed houses, and shopping malls – sets the foundation for the group to continue to play a key role in Indonesia’s urbanisation and economic development.