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Grage Group’s success in the development of Grage Mall Cirebon in 1996 solidified its prominent standing as a local property developer in its anchor location of Cirebon. Serving as an answer to the consumer market, Grage Mall Cirebon offers spacious areas to accommodate large numbers of commercial tenants as well as visitors seeking diversified retail and entertainment options. Grage Group’s strategic location in addition to its variety of tenants has propelled Grage Mall Cirebon to be one of Cirebon’s most visited and iconic locations.

Situated on two hectares of land, the integrated Grage Mall Cirebon has entertainment, dining, and fashion venues delivering on the company’s vision of fulfilling local market consumer aspirations. In striving for ‘Service of Excellence’, Grage Group grooms its on-the-ground human resources in superior customer service so as to uphold the highest standards in customer engagement. As a property developer well-aligned with the fast paced nature of the industry, Grage Group finished construction of Grage City Mall in mid-2014 highlighting similar competitive qualities on central location and convenience.

The accumulation of a wealth of experience in the construction and management of large-scale commercial properties, in particular shopping malls, places Grage Group at the heart of the latest industry trends thus the company boldly undertakes continued developments for its Grage Mall Cirebon and Grage City Mall. Grage Group’s investments in architecture, design, and customer satisfaction place the property developer in a prime position within Indonesia’s highly competitive commercial real estate sector.