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ASDP Indonesia Ferry | ASDP Indonesia Ferry Oversees Successful Lebaran Travels

ASDP Indonesia Ferry on 6th August 2014 provided an overview on its successful endeavour to ensure the safe and efficient transport of passengers making the annual trip to their hometowns to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, or Lebaran as this major national holiday is referred to in Indonesia. ASDP transported more than 3.5 million passengers travelling between the primary routes of Merak – Bakauheni, Ujung – Kamal, Ketapang – Gilimanuk, and Padangbai – Lembar, among others. This data was collected over the course of a two week period from 21st July to 4th August (with Lebaran itself taking place on the 28th and 29th of July) and represented a 5% rise in passenger traffic compared to 2013, which saw approximately 3.38 million travellers moving across the archipelago via ferry vessels. The state owned enterprise also reported an increase in both two wheel and four wheel vehicles relative to last year, rising by 6.82% and 8.78% respectively.  

As detailed by ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s President Director, Mr Danang S. Baskoro, the most important achievement in facilitating this mass movement of people across the country was being able to adhere to stringent safety standards. “Our ferry transport services for Lebaran this year were safe, smooth and abided by our zero accident policy,” he said, before going on to explain that despite the high volume of people, ASDP Indonesia Ferry was able to ensure passenger comfort and wellbeing on vessels as well as in ports.

These positive results can be attributed to ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s proactive measures to prepare for the influx of passengers during Lebaran. Among the state owned enterprise’s initiatives to boost efficiency and guarantee safety was the allocation of 215 ships operating 24 hours a day for routes with the highest passenger traffic. In addition to this, ASDP Indonesia Ferry made sure to improve upon its passenger waiting areas, widened the gangway and toll gate, as well as put in place clearly marked tents to direct two-wheel vehicles towards special lines. To promote transparency and passenger peace of mind, ASDP also provided the public with access to a live CCTV stream online encompassing 193 cameras at different ports. The implementation of these facilities took place well in advance of peak Lebaran travel, and demonstrates ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s dedication to excellence in quality of service and safety.

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