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ASDP Indonesia Ferry | Auxiliary Services

ASDP Indonesia Ferry offers a host of auxiliary services to fully support the efficient operation of vessels docked at its ports. These range from the provision of electricity, fresh water, fuel oil, and waste management. Consolidating its growing reputation as the total solutions provider for vessel needs in Indonesia, ASDP Indonesia Ferry invests in new infrastructure such as bunker pits to facilitate speed and ease of access when making support services available.

In anticipation of continued growth in Indonesia’s sea cargo volumes, ASDP Indonesia Ferry provides comprehensive on site warehousing facilities. Skilled human resources carrying out the loading and unloading process ensures the problem-free transfer of goods from ferry to storage units or distribution trucks. The company plans in the long term to build upon its existing capabilities in warehousing and storage as part of its strategy to diversify into the logistics industry.

Tailored to what is currently an aging Indonesian fleet, ASDP Indonesia Ferry also offers ship maintenance services. The state owned enterprise is able to tap into an extensive network of domestic and international shipyards – formed over the course of over forty years in the industry – to source spare parts, safety equipment and engines, when needed. Vessels experiencing mechanical difficulties in port will thus be able to minimise delays to tight schedules, thereby facilitating the smooth transport of goods to delivery points in all corners of the country.