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ASDP Indonesia Ferry | Port Management

ASDP Indonesia Ferry manages and operates 34 integrated ferry ports strategically located across Indonesia to maximise the efficiency of its far-reaching network of local routes. The state owned enterprise organises terminal and dock services that include ship mooring, warehousing, passengers and vehicle embarkation/disembarkation, as well as the loading and unloading of goods and livestock. In addition to this, ASDP Indonesia Ferry also sees out the smooth running of harbour traffic in its ports’ waters to mitigate delays to the delivery of cargo.

ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s port management services are equally divided between its commercial and pioneering operations, and rising demand for shipping in Indonesia has seen an influx of private vessels using the SOE’s ports. At present, ASDP’s port facilities include 75 piers, of which 50 are of the movable bridge variety, 23 levees (retaining walls) and 6 pontoon docks. The company plans to move into the next phase of its development with the construction of complementary amenities such as entertainment and dining centres. To be implemented in ports located in tourism hotspots, these amenities will serve to improve upon the passenger travel experience at a strategic time as the size of Indonesia’s middle class with sufficient disposable income to afford regular travel grows rapidly.

ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s dexterity in offering fully integrated services at its ports now has the company positioned to take on larger and more complex projects. As testament to the company’s port management capabilities, ASDP Indonesia Ferry was recently announced as the primary operator of Indonesia’s new multipurpose port in Paciran, East Java to be frequented by tankers and container ships.