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In a country with more than 17,500 islands and over 80,000 km of coastline, ASDP Indonesia Ferry plays a key role in ensuring the efficient movement of people and products between major commercial hubs such as Sumatra and Java as well as providing accessibility to Indonesia’s bevy of remote islands. The company presently operates more than 154 trajectories from 34 self-operated ferry ports that span the breadth of Indonesia from Sabang in the west to Merauke in the east.

Through a well organised cluster system, the company is able to clearly identify priority routes for its fleet of 129 vessels and thus allocates resources where demand for services is greatest to evolve with the needs of the market. With Indonesia’s new government announcing its plans to focus on the development of a sea toll and new port facilities, the scope of opportunities available to ASDP Indonesia Ferry is set to grow. As the longstanding leading proponent for maritime services as the future of Indonesian logistics; this is a course of events that the company is well prepared for through the ongoing addition of new ships. 

ASDP Indonesia Ferry’s sea transport services are divided into two categories: Commercial and Pioneering. Indicative of the company’s development over the years from its background as a transport service provider for remotely located parts of Indonesia, over 50% of vessels are currently assigned to commercial activities. Vessels are made available for both scheduled and charter sea transport, and are subject to strict safety guidelines to provide complete passenger peace of mind. ASDP Indonesia Ferry adheres to local and international maritime regulations in keeping with the core tenet of Zero Accidents ingrained within the company’s corporate culture.

In the lead up to the ASEAN One Market in 2015, ASDP Indonesia Ferry stands to build upon its far-reaching network in Indonesia with the introduction of new inter-ASEAN routes. The state owned enterprise plans to re-establish its route from the port city of Belawan in North Sumatra to Penang in Malaysia across the Strait of Malacca. ASDP Indonesia Ferry will also launch a route between Sulawesi and the Philippines that will run from the company’s port in Bitung to the densely populated metropolitan area of Davao City, itself connected to Manila via roll-on/roll-off inter-island ferries. These initial forays into widening the scope of its services to neighbouring countries mark the beginning of a concerted effort on the part of ASDP Indonesia Ferry to prepare for greater movement of cargo and people between ASEAN member states. In doing so, the company is positioned to make sea transport the centrepiece of ASEAN connectivity.