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Kamadjaja Logistics


Kamadjaja Logistics

Kamadjaja Logistics was founded by Hura Kamadjaja from Surabaya, in the province of East Java in 1968 when he was only 20 years old and armed with only a junior high school certificate. His days were spent on ships that docked at various ports in Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat & Nusa Tenggara Timur as well as Sulawesi to offer, trade or exchange goods that were not available in the surrounding areas.

A Catholic school was being built in Pejawa, Nusa Tenggara Timur at that time and the principal of the school required building materials. Hura tried his best to send the goods on passenger ships and was successful in this venture.

Four years later, Hura Kamadjaja opened his first office to offer expedition services in Surabaya. Rather than working on ships, he specialized in expedition services to the parts of Indonesia that he already had a strong network. This achievement was made possible by his persistence and strong belief in his vision. His strong focus on personal relationships is the philosophy that subsequently became the foundations for the values and work ethics at Kamadjaja Logistics.

The Kamadjaja Advantage

For nearly five decades, Kamadjaja has gone from strength to strength focused on upholding the core values of Integrity; the highest ethical standards with mutual trust between customers, stakeholders and suppliers as well as a commitment to anti-bribery in all operations. Dedication; commitment to the work being carried out and cultivating a team of people who share in this commitment to deliver customer satisfaction. Teamwork; collaborative success through cooperation as a team and across organisation boundaries. Continuous improvement; ongoing improvement to every facet of the company’s operations by encouraging innovation and creativity. Quality; to be recognised as a leader and benchmark for the logistics industry in Indonesia. These values manifest themselves in the everyday activities of the company as it strives to be the market leader while always upholding a strong code of business ethics and providing excellent value to its customers.

Kamadjaja Logistics therefore offers clients real competitive advantages through its extensive experience in the market, advanced technical knowledge of supply chain management and understanding of the intricacies of the local culture wherever they operate in Indonesia. The company’s strong relationships with customs bodies, facility operators and shipping partners are also a key element in succesfully serving clients. Customers from every industry can count on Kamadjaja’s professionalism from the safe handling of their goods to the highest standards in the sector to on time distribution that never compromises the company’s core values.

Kamadjaja Logistics

Human Resources & Technology

Kamadjaja Logistics

Finding and retaining quality human resources in Indonesia’s logistics sector is a major challenge facing the industry yet as a service industry, reliable human resources are the backbone of any successful logistics company. At every level of personnel, Kamadjaja Logistics focuses on identifying outstanding people who share in the company’s core values in terms of upholding good business ethics and taking responsibility for their actions as both an individual and in a team. A strong emphasis is therefore placed on human resource development as part of the company’s everyday operations with opportunities for additional skill development as well as continuous training on the latest advancements in health and safety regulations, new technologies and operational systems for both new and experienced members of staff. Performance and productivity is monitored using the balance scorecard system and linked with customer’s own key performance indicators (KPIs).

As part of the Kamadjaja Logistics philosophy, the company strives to provide employees with the best work conditions in terms of surroundings, benefits and career development opportunities. The company aims to build a team that enjoy their work and feel proud to be part an organisation that is raising the bar in the local logistics industry in Indonesia. This enthusiasm directly impacts on the quality of service provided to customers and Kamadjaja employees’ willingness to always go the extra mile.

Kamadjaja Logistics recognises that human resources provide the foundations on which new technology can be effectively utilised and implemented across the logistics network. The company continually invests in its IT infrastructure and systems, anticipating the latest developments in the industry and tailoring them to the Indonesian market with the aim of providing greater visibility in business transactions. Project Transition and Integration Plan or ProTIP, is one such example of the synergy between human resources and the latest IT systems. This advanced business planning tool is conducted in partnership with clients to set goals, design work processes, SOPs and performance measurements to align the Kamadjaja team with the customer’s own business strategy, work goals and targets.


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    Kamadjaja Logistics
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    Kamadjaja Logistics
  • Recognised as one of the Top 250 Indonesian Local Companies by SWA Magazine and Top 25 Logistics Provider.

    Kamadjaja Logistics