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While Indonesia’s logistical infrastructure and transport facilities continue to improve, challenges still remain in effectively navigating formal procedures and complex bureaucracy. Issues such as customs clearance can often be a time consuming process impacting upon a company’s productivity and efficiency. PT Pusaka Lintas Samudra as a subsidiary of Kamadjaja Logistics has extensive experience in international freight forwarding as well as serving clients for all types of customs procedures and has long standing relationships with government bodies and facility operators to ensure that all necessary requirements are met to avoid any disruptions to the supply chain.

Within customs consultancy, Kamadjaja Logistics’ professionals in customs clearance draw on the company’s decades of experience to advise clients on the necessary steps for smooth clearance of customs procedures as well as how to resolve any issues that do arise to meet zero demurrage targets. The brokerage team at Kamadjaja Logistics are well versed in all customs documentation and receive rigorous training of the latest procedures for authentications, preparation and handling of documents in addition to the completion of all post shipment formalities and endorsements. Clients can therefore count on quick and efficient completion of all commercial transactions.

A further brokerage service provided by Kamadjaja Logistics is assisting customers in claiming ‘Duty Drawback’ in Indonesia. Duty Drawback entitles exporters to refunds on imported items in certain circumstances thereby reducing overheads and thus making their products more competitively priced when exporting abroad. Kamadjaja Logistics customs professionals advise clients on when they are eligible for refunds to avoid penalties and help clients in completing the necessary procedures for making a successful claim.