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Indonesia’s complex geographical make up as an archipelago requires sophisticated and agile logistics providers which are able to adapt and provide multimodal solutions as well as meet international operating standards. As Indonesia’s businesses mature and a conducive business climate gives rise to the entry of further multinationals; there has been a significant shift to outsourcing and thus increased utilisation of third party logistics services.

Kamadjaja Logistics is a key player within Indonesia’s third party logistics sector having served both major local and multinational companies for several decades in providing end to end solutions as well as value added services. The company’s network of over 300 destination points across Indonesia and more than 200,00 square meters of warehousing space provides the necessary support for businesses to establish a presence throughout the market and go beyond the mainstay of the Java-Bali corridor into the country’s major growth and industrial centres. Kamadjaja Logistics is therefore familiar with all types of distribution and delivery channels; be it to traditional or modern retail outlets as well as the industrial sector and hospitality industry. In every case and in every location; clients can rely on guaranteed on time delivery of goods.

Kamadjaja Logistics’ in-depth understanding of Indonesia’s transport and infrastructure facilities as well as the local culture of a given area enable it to offer clients tailored solutions to efficiently manage their supply chains. Kamadjaja Logistics’ supply chain consultancy aims to provide clients with the most cost effective solutions in their supply chain management while also taking into consideration the need for agility and flexibility to effectively operate in a dynamic business environment.

For warehouse management, Kamadjaja Logistics’ purpose built warehouses are strategically located in capital cities and trading hubs offering secure, flood free facilities using latest equipment and technology such as cold storage. Every facility is managed and operated by experienced professionals who strictly adhere to international safety and handling standards. For seamless coordination across all its facilities and with its clients own internal systems and inventory, Kamadjaja Logistics operates on the Symphony Logistics Online Warehouse Management System which is the most widely used system across Asia. This advanced WMS streamlines the entire logistics process from order creation to the final delivery of the goods and can be easily set to suit the parameters of a client’s ERP system as well as being fully scalable. The Symphony Warehouse Management System is well suited to a broad variety of vertically integrated industries operating on tight supply chains such as automotive, electronics and telecommunication equipment, FMCGs as well as those involving handling of hazardous goods.