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Miracle Aesthetic Clinic | Dr. Lanny Juniarti
Dr. Lanny Juniarti

Indonesia is a promising market in which the demand for aesthetic products and services is rising

Dr. Lanny Juniarti, President Director

Founded in 1996, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic is a leading aesthetic clinic and aging management company that has experienced rapid growth in expanding into key cities around Indonesia. What can you tell us about your company’s background and its strategies going forward?

We started this business 17 years ago in Surabaya. While studying medicine at Gajah Mada University, I came to realize that many Indonesian women went to beauty salons in search of remedies for their skin problems. It was clear to me that these women could be better served by going to a medical professional and thus spent several years abroad studying aesthetic medicines after earning my degree. When I returned to Indonesia, I used this accumulation of knowledge and my passion for this field of medicine to establish Miracle Clinic. Our company now has 18 branches located around the country, and we plan to continue to increase our presence in major cities.

What is your current outlook for the beauty and aesthetic sector in Indonesia?

Coinciding with the emergence of an increasingly consumptive middle class, opportunities in the beauty care industry have been on the rise. Because of this, more and more companies are entering the market and it is important to recognise that competition is getting steeper. At the core of our strategy to ensure that we continue to thrive in this industry is our decision to focus on brand power. It is our goal to effectively communicate with the market to present ourselves as the most trustworthy aesthetic clinic in Indonesia with the best standards of practice.

Many service providing companies in Indonesia find that it is a challenge to identify and hire well-trained human resources. What steps does Miracle Aesthetic Clinic take to ensure that its staff is of the highest quality?

We have an academy to train our employees. This training program is extended to our existing staff members as well as new recruits, to ensure that we maintain high standards. It is our philosophy that human resources are just as important as the technology and equipment we use in providing aesthetic and beauty services, and we are committed to ensuring that our investment strategy reflects this.

Very often when it comes to the medical sector, Indonesian consumers feel as if they need to go abroad to receive the best services. What would you like to say to the individuals who believe that there is a lack of quality in their own market?

This is our challenge; many consumers from the upper segment tend to go to Malaysia and Singapore for services that they could receive in Indonesia. Miracle Clinic invests heavily in state of the art technology that puts us on a level playing field with leading international aesthetic businesses, but now must dispel the notion that medical services here are in some way inferior to those which are offered abroad.

What can you tell us about your existing service portfolio and areas you plan on exploring in the future?

We specialise in minimally invasive procedures such as chemical peelings, microdermabrasion, Botox, light and laser based therapies, and offer supplements for skin and anti-aging. These services do not require hospitalisation and can typically be completed within a few hours. Moreover, we tailor our services to each customer and offer an array of packages that differ in terms of visit frequency; allowing them to decide whether they want to schedule a monthly visit or prefer to keep things on a more casual basis.

Going forward, we would like to broaden our aesthetic surgery services and introduce new skin care products. Indonesians are now more than ever flying to South Korea to get cosmetic surgery; indicative of a growing openness to these types of procedures and a move away from the idea that they are taboo. In regards to our skin care products; we have partnered up with a reputable South Korean company who will manufacture our products after carrying out extensive research and development.

We also hope to continue to develop and commercialise our academy, opening it up to doctors and practitioners who don’t work for our company. To produce the skilled workers needed to become the world’s 7th largest economy by 2030, Indonesia needs more vocational schools. We would very much like to participate in addressing this need and believe that opening our doors to the public is a big step forward.

Are you interested in working as a local partner with foreign investors entering the Indonesian market?

We are interested in cooperating with foreign partners that have the same vision and passion as us. Our business values are centred on the core values of empathy, excellence, optimism, integrity and social responsibility, and we would like to partner with international companies that prioritise similar characteristics.

At this moment in time, we have sufficient capital to drive further growth and as such are looking to cooperate with other companies in areas such as technology transfers. As most of our equipment is not currently manufactured in Indonesia, we have to import the latest technology from Europe and the U.S. to ensure that our facilities continue to be state of the art. Our company is also open to partnerships that would allow us to learn new management techniques and improve upon the quality and productivity of our human resources.

What would you like our readers to remember about Miracle Aesthetic Clinic as a final message?

Indonesia is a promising market in which the demand for aesthetic products and services is rising. Consumers here are increasingly willing to spend on beauty treatments and our company is well positioned to tap into its extensive experience and expertise in the industry to consolidate its position at the forefront of the market in meeting this growing demand.

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