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Sarinah | Sarinah Signs MOU with Pelindo I and Pelni I

On 6th March 2017, Sarinah signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Pelindo I) and Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia I (Pelni I) to provide uniforms, placards as well as souvenirs through the company’s retail arm. The MOU aims to forge closer ties between state-owned enterprises which are part of the Indonesian government’s long-term plans to encourage better collaboration between SOEs so as to further propel Indonesia’s economy forward. Present at the MOU signing event included President Director of Sarinah, Mr Gusti Ngurah Putu Sugiarta Yasa, Operational Director 1 at Sarinah, Ms Indyruwani Asikin, Operational Director 2 at Sarinah, Ms Lies Permana Lestari; Finance & Administrative Director at Sarinah, Ms Sumini; President Director of Pelni, Mr Elfien Guntoro; Director of Human Resources and General Affairs at Pelindo I Medan, Mr Hamied Wijaya; and Heads of the Energy, Logistics, Industrial Zone, and Tourism Division, Mr Sabar Wicaksono and Mr Edi Cahyono.

Through this MOU, Sarinah will utilise its longstanding experience in retail to provide an array of locally-produced uniforms, placards, and souvenirs of premium quality to its SOE partners. This initiative is also poised to serve as a platform to boost the awareness of sought-after local products which are largely manufactured by Sarinah’s small and medium enterprises partners. Moreover, by creating better synergies with state-owned enterprises, Sarinah hopes to optimise the role of SOEs in a measure to better streamline future collaboration. As such, this measure will continue to serve as the backbone of Sarinah’s future corporate strategies in order to bring about greater advantages to the company in addition to SOEs across Indonesia.