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Sriboga Raturaya | Sriboga Flour Mill Hosts Soft Launch of New Sriboga EasyMix Product

On 19th February 2014, Sriboga Flour Mill introduced its newest product for B2B distribution during a soft launch event held at its Customer Centre in Kemang, Jakarta. This new product, given the brand name Japanese Tempura Sriboga EasyMix, can be used to apply tempura coating on prawns as well as vegetables, and is being targeted for businesses in the hospitality and catering industries. In attendance at the soft launch were Sriboga Flour Mill’s Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners, the Jakarta-based commercial team, members of Mandala Kriya Utama, as well as distributors of Sriboga’s new line of premix flour products. Through the introduction of its Japanese Tempura Sriboga EasyMix Flour, Sriboga Flour Mill furthers its position as the leader in Indonesia’s specialty wheat flour and food ingredients industry.

In addition to an opening speech delivered by Sriboga Flour Mill's CEO, Mr Alwin Arifin and remarks from Mr Irianda Susilo as CCO, the event featured a comprehensive presentation on the new product’s key advantages. As showcased by Technical Advisor, Mr Mike Bugg, and Senior Manager of Product Development, Mr Ahmad Muzaki, Japanese Tempura Sriboga EasyMix offers superior texture and crispiness, as well as longer standing time, with products staying crispy for more than two hours when kept at room temperature.

Sriboga Flour Mill during the event also presented several upcoming products soon to be introduced as part of its line of premix flours. Following on from the launch Japanese Tempura Sriboga EasyMix, the company will soon make available a host of Sweet Sriboga EasyMix products including premix flours used to make vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes. Sponge cakes made from these flours benefit from greater softness and moistness, as well as closer crumb texture.  

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