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Sriboga Raturaya | Sriboga Flour Mill Participates in ISPS Code Joint Exercise

On 4th July 2014, Sriboga Flour Mill participated in a joint exercise program to ensure their compliance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. The ISPS code is a thorough set of measures put in place by the International Maritime Organization to enhance the security of ships and port facilities. As an owner of port facilities at the Tanjung Emas Seaport in Semarang, Central Java, Sriboga Flour Mill is required to meet these security measures, as mandated by a circular letter from the Director of Maritime Defense and Coast Guard (No. KL02/3/7/DM-2012). Held at the Passenger Terminal of Tanjung Emas Seaport, the joint exercise was also attended by other companies with facilities at the port, including PT Pertamina, PT Pelino Tanjung Emas Branch, PT Indonesia Power, PT OPSICO and PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia.

The ISPS Code joint exercise provided security officers from Sriboga Flour Mill’s port facilities with training and drills to improve their skills in communication, overcoming security disturbances as well as coordinating with the Harbourmaster Office, Port Authority and Port Security Committee. The training program featured tabletop exercises designed to test the theoretical ability of a group to respond to an emergency situation. In addition to this, security officers were also tasked with carrying out field exercises that simulate established security disturbance scenarios.

Sriboga Flour Mill’s successful participation in the joint exercise affirms its standing as a company with an ingrained understanding of ‘Exercises to Overcome Security Disturbances’ in accordance with the ISPS Code as well as ‘Employee Evacuation Procedures’ in accordance with SMK3 standards. This training furthers the company’s ability to guarantee the safety of its operations and achieve the highest level of supply chain reliability.

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