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Sriboga Raturaya | Sriboga Launches New Easy Mix Wheat Flour Product Line

Sriboga Flour Mill on 5th September 2014 launched its newest Easy Mix products during the 2014 Sriboga Innovation Series. This line of products features a range of ready-to-use wheat flour products tailor-made for popular recipes such as sponge cakes and tempura. Being marketed to both household consumers and businesses in hospitality as well as the food and beverage industry; the Sriboga Easy Mix wheat flour line as described during the launch event offers greater convenience by mitigating the need to add other ingredients when cooking dishes of the highest quality. Indicative of Sriboga Flour Mill’s longstanding commitment to innovation and creating new flour products; the company has made available four types of Easy Mix wheat flour, namely:

  • Easy Mix Chicken Breader
  • Easy Mix Japanese Tempura
  • Easy Mix Chocolate Sponge Cake
  • Easy Mix Vanilla Sponge Cake

Sriboga Flour Mill has promoted its latest products as the ideal flour for small business owners looking to maximize profit through a more efficient production process. In addition to lowering cooking preparation time, Sriboga Easy Mix products can be used to improve upon foodstuffs’ durability and taste. Cakes made from either of the Easy Mix cake flours, for example, are longer lasting and therefore allow for greater shelf life as well as taste consistency. Conscious of diverse customer needs, Sriboga Easy Mix wheat flour products were also designed to facilitate the incorporation of other materials in creating dishes catering to unique individual tastes. Going forward the company expects that this new line of wheat flours will serve as a valuable addition to its expanding portfolio of specialized products well attuned to consumer and industry trends.

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