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Depo Bangunan welcomes joint ventures from local and international companies as a means to expand its product range and market share in Indonesia. With Indonesia’s building materials sector growing in recent years due to a burgeoning economy and higher purchasing power, Depo Bangunan is well-positioned to engage in the processing and distribution of building materials to meet the strong domestic demand. As such, the company currently has retail stores and distribution centres strategically located across Indonesia, namely, the Greater Jakarta area, Bandung, Bali, and Malang. Through the company’s ‘one stop shop’ supermarket concept, Depo Bangunan aims to become a leading comprehensive building materials supplier that responds effectively to the needs of new industrial and residential centres that are developing in and outside of the Greater Jakarta area and Java.

Joint Ventures

With an in-depth knowledge of Indonesia’s building materials sector, Depo Bangunan views the obtainment of external investment as one of the strategies for the company to further bolster its product portfolio as well as support the company’s expansion plans. This measure will lead Depo Bangunan to incorporate more brands into its 97,000-product range which can facilitate the company’s entry into Indonesia’s developing regions such as Sumatra and Sulawesi in addition to eastern Indonesia; these regions are set to be new growth drivers for the country as the government implements concrete steps towards infrastructure initiatives. Furthermore, capital investment will assist in developing and expanding Depo Bangunan’s already vast retail and distribution network that spans the islands of Java and Bali.

Mr Kam Kettin

“ My aim is to establish a store at every city across the country; particularly in cities with immense potential. ”

Mr Kam Kettin, President Director

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